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Tus clientes puedrán hacerte pedidos, pedir información, pagarte con tarjetas bancarias mediante paypal o por deposito bancario. No importa el tamaño de tu tienda ya que puedes crear la cantidad de productos que necesites.

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Diseño de páginas web

Gantry is the core framework that sits at the heart of the template, powering all the major features and functions, providing a versatile set of rich capabilities to make your site easy to customize, setup and use.

The main asset of Gantry is its intuitive administrative interface, that provides friendly control options. From the console, you can adjust positions widths, the varying prebuilt features, the style, the menu and other options.

Tarjeta de Presentación

Tu tarjeta de presentación en la nube, con el precio más bajo para que empieces a posicionar tu negocio.

Multiple layout options: An adapted responsive layout, or fixed layouts at 960px or 1200px wide

A responsive layout adapts automatically to the viewing device's width, such as mobile, tablet or desktop, without the need for a separate layout or content. Mobile modes have a unique menu to aid usability. 960px and 1200px fixed layout options are also available.

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Configure the style options of Tessellate, quickly and easily, in the template manager settings

Tessellate has an extensive Color Chooser in the template manager to provide intricate controls for each section, inclusive of overlay type, text color, background color, as well as accent colors. Edit preexisting or create new presets.

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A web font based solution for adding icons, allowing them to be extensively styled via CSS

The template features an updated library for Font Awesome with version 4+. This offers over 350 icons, which are fully scalable and easy to integrate into the design of the template and/or content, from module titles to inside content items themselves.

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Powered by LESS CSS

Modify your CSS with speed and efficiency

LESS brings programmable coding to CSS, such as in PHP. This allows for variables and more complex operations in the stylesheets, making easier to create, update and customize.

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Full Joomla site search, powered by AJAX

RokAjaxSearch uses AJAX to display Joomla site search results via a popup modal as you type, without the need for refreshing the page or being directed to a separate search page.

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Instalación rápida y fácil


Recursos accesibles

Benefíciese de tener una tienda online en la nube

Nosotros nos ocupamos del perfecto funcionamiento del administrador de su tienda. Todas las actualizaciones se llevan a cabo de forma automática.

Nuestras páginas web y tiendas en línea pueden tener dominio .com, .com.mx, etc.


Gantry is a template framework for Joomla and Wordpress, by RocketTheme, providing a standardized product core.

The Free/GPL Gantry Framework

The most noticeable visual feature of Gantry is its custom administrator, providing a user friendly and rich console for template configuration.

The framework has many features, such as module grid controls, that come as standard on all templates.

Other features include overridable layouts for modules, positions and mainbody output; several features such as font-sizer; as well as powering the LESS infrastructure.

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RokSprocket is a content extension for Joomla and Wordpress, by RocketTheme, that offers multiple layouts and themes.

RokSprocket Content Extension

RokSprocket has its own, unique, custom administrative interface with intuitive controls and ajax loading to make content setup quick and easy.

RokSprocket has multiple layouts to choose from with varying themes, such as Features : Showcase.

Others include Tabs, Headlines, Mosaic, Strips and Lists. RokSprocket also benefits from multiple content providers, such as Joomla, K2 and its own, Simple.

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Basic support for third party CCK, K2

The template has basic styling support for K2, a third party content control kit extension by JoomlaWorks. The styling can be disabled in the template settings.

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Disable the Mainbody or Component areas

A common feature provided by Gantry is the ability to disable the mainbody and/or component area on a per-menu-item basis. Ideal for certain frontpage layouts.

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A separate LESS file for demo specific CSS

Tessellate has a separate file for all demo specific CSS, which is for content elements unique to the demo. If you do not wish to use these, then disable accordingly.

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Redirect IE7 visitors to unsupported page

A standard Gantry feature is the IE7 Redirect option, which automatically redirects IE7 visitors of your site to a custom unsupported page. The template supports IE8 and above.

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CSS selectors available for Internet Explorer 8

Activate Selectivizr in the Advanced tab of the template settings to enable CSS3 level selectors for Internet Explorer 8. CSS selectors allow for more efficient and specific design.

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Page suffixes for extra stylistic changes

Enable the Page Suffix feature to enable the automatic addition of unique classes to the body tag, from the menu name, allowing for page specific styling.

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Right-to-left basic and Gantry grid support

Gantry is built with structural RTL (right-to-left) support for its grids/module positions. The templates themselves have basic RTL support, such as for typography.

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Choose from rResponsive or fixed layouts

By default, the template has a responsive layout, but also has options for 960px and 1200px fixed widths. The fixed options do not have any mobile specific support.

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Advanced module grid layout controls

The Gantry layout controls allow you to specific the number of positions per row. You can force positions to create uniquely sized layouts without the need for custom CSS.

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CSS based dropdown menu system

Dropdown is a CSS based menu option, with many structural features such as configurable columns and distribution, subtext and inline modules, positions and icons.

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Static splitmenu with sidebar child item menu

Splitmenu is a static menu option that separates the parent and child menu items in configurable positions. By default, children are placed in the sidebar.

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Two responsive mobile menu options

If you are using a responsive layout, you can choose between two mobile menu options: a sideward opening panel with a tree structure; or a selectbox menu.

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Dynamic charts with HTML5 Canvas

Combing the power of ChartJS and HTML5 Canvas, you can create rich and cross-browser compatible graphs. These can be used for data as well as stylistic elements.

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Custom offline page with countdown script

The template has two custom offline pages, a standard override, as well as a Coming Soon page with a configurable countdown, ideal for new sites waiting for launch.

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Custom error template for 404 page

Tessellate benefits from a custom override for the standard 404 error page — when someone accesses an incorrect, inaccessible or non-existent link on your site.

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